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I have dealt with severe knee pain for over 15 years, and have tried many products to relieve the pain. It wasn’t until I tried Make Well that I found relief. It was recommended as a natural remedy, so I hoped it would be a better alternative to constantly taking pills to relieve the pain. I made the right decision, and I can attest to its power to relieve pain! I use it for all pain I have — Shoulders, hands, knees, and everywhere else! One day my 13 year old granddaughter was playing the the gym at school and got hit her side by one for the boys playing football, She came home in agony and complained about the pain in her side. I applied Make Well to her side and within thirty minutes the pain was gone and has not come back. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

– L. Butler, Laporte, Indiana

Keloid Pain Nearly Gone!!

I need to begin by saying that I have never been a strong follower of “natural” products. I have suffered with the pain and scarring of keloids more than 40 years. I have south help from many health professionals and even went to a [top hospital] for assistance, resulting in no relief. Recently, when my sister suggested that I try a product of which all of the ingredients were “natural”, the thought of using it was not enticing. Reluctantly, I gave it a try, worried [it] might aggravate my condition more. After a few minutes, the pain seemed to decrease. After a few more applications, the pain of the keloid had almost completely diminished. I have now been using Make Well for five days. Each time I begin to feel tingling from the keloid, I apply a small amount for the liquid. The need to use it is becoming less frequent and I even think the thickness of the scar has softened. I am excited about the possibility of Make Well being the solution to the problem of my keloid pain and thickness!

– K. Williams, Michigan City, Indiana

Back is Much More Manageable!!!

I am a seventy year old woman who has been suffering from lower back pain for over with years. In the last five years, I as diagnosed with osteoporosis down my back and rheumatoid arthritis and chonic sacrioliac joint pain. The pain was so severe sometimes that it kept me up and crying all night-especially the pain down the lower part of my back. Plus, [there was pain] all the way down my right thigh to the calf of my right leg.

Sometimes this pain would be so bad that I could not stand up and would lay in bed all day crying. About six weeks ago, I as introduced to Make Well. I started out using it two to three times a day on my lower back and down my legs after my shower which eased the stiffness a lot. Now I use it every morning after my therapy and before I go t bed. My pain has been reduced about 70%! I am now able to sleep without crying and I am able to move more freely!

– P. Fargo, Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Pain is Gone!!

I have spinal stenosis and have suffered with chronic back pain for over 25+ years, during which time I have tried many different products Some worked better than others. So I’m always looking for new remedies.

Upon using Make Well for the first time, I noticed within a short period a decrease in the level o r pain I had been feeling in my back. I apply it as needed but definitely every night at bed time to get a good night’s sleep.

Recently, one evening I experienced, out to nowhere a muscle spasm in my upper right back and shoulder which was causing excruciating pain I tried y heating pad which did very little to ease the pain. In desperation, if finally dawned on me to try my Make Well and upon applying it, I could feel the pain gradually subsiding and was able to sleep through the night. The next morning, the pain was gone and has not returned. The product is now part of my daily routine!

– E. Porter